Flex Your Vote Pop-up Voting Registration!

We cannot express how important it is to vote during this upcoming election, especially an election that can change our country for the better or worse. We will be open from 12p-7p on Wednesday October 19th allowing anybody to come in and register. The mission is to educate the young people of our nation that may not “understand the importance of participating in the democratic process, and that’s why SocialWorksChi & Prime Fortune have come together with the intent of increasing voter participation. The outcomes will be measured through the amount of individuals registered through the https://socialworkschi.turbovote.org and the physical registration forms. This campaign will be rolled out in three phases: Voter Registration, Getting Voters Informed, Voting Empowered, and Celebration” as Tyler Brown expresses passionately [Creator of Prime Fortune]. Please vote, be a leader in your community and express what is at stake if one does not take advantage of their constitutional right. Join the movement on social media by posting #FlexYourVote! We will see you Wednesday!




The Ellen Ma Art Show! #ABC

One of our very talented graphic designers from the Leaders 1354 family is hosting her own art show this Saturday 10/15 from 7p-9p. The showcase will involve all types of pieces she has created through the years of her career. We’re proud of her and wish nothing but the best for her this weekend at the Silver Room down in Hyde Park. Come show some love for Ellen and enjoy a few drinks. Embrace the culture. #ABC.

Copyright: Kanye West

Leaders 1354 Fall 1′ 2016

Fall 2016 is finally here and were excited to show our new line with unique designs and a rare possession of a OG Leaders Raincoat. Starting with the coat, it comes in a black with silver details and khaki with pink lettering as shown below; sizes: S-2x. $80. We also introduce to you a new design and that being our “Seal Capsule” with two color waves of Tee’s and Pullovers; sizes: S-2x. $70. Both perfect for chilly weather conditions and with any style you want to create. With the release of the apparel we also bring you three designs of our “Hyde Park Script” in snapbacks and then the Leaders Block design as well. For any questions please call the store at (312) 787-7144.

Sir & Madame x Leaders 1354 Collab Tee

The recent collaboration with one of Chicago’s finest boutiques, Sir & Madame, are now available on our website! You can also head over to 5225 S. Harpers Court the pop-up we have going on in Hyde Park 11a-7p. All shirts will have sizes: S-2X. $40. Come show some love today!


Summer 2 ’16 LookBook Video

The release of our new Summer 2 collection and last of the summer has been out for a couple weeks now, with a new collection means another lookbook for our loyal Leaders customers! Thank you for the support this summer and be ready for some amazing collections and collaborations coming to you very soon! All product shown in the video is now available in-store and online. For any questions please call the store at (312) 787-7144.

Sir & Madame x Leaders 1354 Hyde Park Collab!

Were finally excited to announce of the date and location where our Hyde Park Pop-up will be taking place! Come join us and the Sir & Madame family on Saturday September 3rd to celebrate such an iconic community, to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with a few drinks, and some laughs. The pop-up is from 11a-7p at Sir & Madame; 5225 South Harper Court. The Collab Hyde Park Tee runs in sizes: S-2X and costs $40. The classic “Hyde Park Script” will also be available in sizes: S-2X at the price of $30. This is a historical moment and one of the few collaborations we have in store for our loyal customers! Come show some love this Saturday. For any questions please call the store at (312) 787-7144.

3v3 Scholarship Tournament at Kenwood High School

Come join the Leaders family on September 10th as we are partnering up with PickUpp hosting a 3v3 scholarship basketball tournament at Kenwood High School. Only 16 teams and ages 18+ can sign up so make sure to be the first! You can also come spectate and watch some fierce competition among the young players. You can register or buy tickets at http://www.pickupp.co Winner will receive prizes as well! #innovatechi unnamed

Fall Hats ’16!

The new hats for our fall collection are making it into the store so check the pictures below to see what is available for purchase in-store and online; for any inquiries please call the store at (312) 787-7144. For the hats themselves, they include the classic ‘Leaders Script’ in a fitted cap and snapback, multiple designs of Five Panels designed in all suede, Buckets Hats designed with a washed denim look and another suede designed cap as well. Not forgetting something new to our loyal customers which are the suede ‘Dad Hats’. You can view all these hats online or come show us some love at the store!

S8000 Italia “Einsign Blue” By Diadora Official

As we continue to bring new sneakers to our shelves every week,  some may question why people are absolutely obsessed with the sneaker culture. Its not just the style that causes one to purchase or lose their mind over but the history a sneaker leaves behind as years go on. Diadora as introduced a couple weeks ago into our store is a Italian Sneaker company made with the best materials you can ask for. Especially for the buyers who enjoy the beauty of real Italian leather and suede. The Diadora S8000 Italia is a classic considering the cushion technology and a magical mixture of style; always staying faithful to the silhouette and warm color waves. It is a unique touch of Italy and have been a popular pair on our shelves. With Diadora making its introduction into our store, we hope to change the sneaker culture of Chicago with bringing back the old school wave that were the founding fathers of the sneaker culture we look up to now. Sizes: 8.5-10. $220. For any inquiries please call the store at (312) 787-7144.